Master Copies

Ongoing series, 2015 to present. Graphite and charcoal on paper.
Unless noted, all are after master painters’ self portraits.



brunelleschi Brunelleschi, after Pampaloni

botticelli Botticelli

caravaggio Caravaggio, after Leoni

dante2 Dante, after Botticelli

artemesia Gentileschi

Message in a Bottle

Read Me is an ongoing installation piece, 2008 to present

Notes (fragments of poetry, love notes, break-up letters, recipes, single words…etc) are inserted into containers ranging from seashells to empty bottles. I leave these in public spaces around Chicago and walk away. The point is not to engage with the viewer’s reactions, but to send out a message and hope it’s received.


DSC00391DSC00414 DSC00417DSC00424DSC00395DSC00426   DSC00428 DSC00434DSC00430DSC00438 DSC00440DSC00455DSC00462   DSC00463 DSC00464 DSC00392DSC00465 DSC00397 DSC00412DSC00403

Musical influence