All That Is Old Is New Again

Vincent van Gogh, Self Portrait With Fur Cap and Bandaged Ear, 1889


Imitation is an art. We are made of the things we see, the things we love, the things that influence us.

Influence: Middle English, from Old French, from Medieval Latin influentia, from Latin influent-, influens, present participle of influere, to flow in, from in- + fluere, to flow. (Source)

The root of influenza is the same: the Latin influentia. The noun initially referred to an actual fluid theorized to flow from the stars, directly affecting human behavior and health.

Influence then, is a contagion. Something caught. What we see, we re-make, in our own image. Our Selves, re-imagined, over and through time.

bandage1CS Frank, Self Portrait With Bandaged Hand, 2017

Crime Scenes

No Stop Tulsa

These images are part of the work I’m doing for my MFA. I’m using the tools of forensic investigators (powdered pigment and brushes) to first create drawings using my fingerprints, then pull the images up via the fingerprint dusting method. These drawings reference unsolved disappearances of women in the United States; each one is based on an actual case file.

Update: These images will be part of “Deadly Intentions” at Studio 659, from 9/24/17 through 11/11/17.