MFA Blog, Fall 2018: Good Bones

I’m thinking a lot recently about the problem of the body; its presence as solid, container of identity, its absence, its ability to be missing, as in missing person. The body from which the person is missing. The body of the person who is missed. The body, vacated, that still exists in the world- somewhere. Out of its context.

All images: photographs through found x-ray film, 2018.
Update: Some of these images will be part of Bump in the Night at Studio 659 in Whiting, IN, opening October 13, 2018.

The Missing

The Missing, 2018

This recording is a litany of missing women in Indiana. I’ve selected those whose cases are unsolved and largely inactive, presenting their vital information and physical descriptions, where available.

Full case histories and contact information for investigating agencies are available at The Charley Project.